Light, secure, reliable DevOps culture implementation

Shaping your way to the Cloud World


Ant Tech offers expert support and guidance to help you optimize your development and operations processes. From CI/CD pipeline to scaling and monitoring, we provide everything you need to deliver high-quality software quickly and efficiently


Cloud Migration & Infrastructure

Collaboratively we will construct cost-optimized, reliable, elastic IT environment based on your needs from scratch with cloud providers such as AWS, GCP, Azure.


Containerization & Orchestration

With extensive experience in containerization processes, we help clients easily manage complex workflows with Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, ECS, AKS EKS and GKE

Configuration Management

Configuration Management & IaC

By minimizing manual tasks, we provide fully scripted creation, configuration, maintenance of infrastructure via code with Ansible, Chef, Terraform, Cloud Formation.



We design a unique CI & CD pipeline based on the requirements of customers that leads to automated builds, tests, releases, and deploys of enhanced software with Jenkins, CircleCi, TeamCity, Gitlab, Github Actions.



We integrate protective technologies at every step of the DevOps lifecycle to secure running operations by applying Policy as Code, Security as Code, IAM security and secrets management with Hashicorp Vault.



With comprehensive, real-time Monitoring and Visualization we can increase the visibility of infrastructure, detect vulnerabilities beforehand, reduce risks with Prometheus, Grafana, ELK, PagerDuty, Datadog.

Technologies & Tools

Stay up-to-date with the cutting-edge technologies and tools we utilize to streamline our workflow and deliver exceptional results

Amazon Web Services AWS
Google Cloud Platform GCP
Azure Azure
Docker Docker
Docker Swarm Docker Swarm
Kubernetes Kubernetes
Helm Helm
Logstash Logstash
Elasticsearch Elasticsearch
Kibana Kibana
Terraform Terraform
AWS CloudFormation CloudFormation
Vault Vault
Ansible Ansible
Chef Chef
Puppet Puppet
MongoDB MongoDB
Python Python
Git Git
GitHub GitHub
GitLab GitLab
Bitbucket Bitbucket
Jenkins Jenkins
CircleCi CircleCi
Argo CI/CD Argo
Flux Flux
Prometheus Prometheus
Datadog Datadog
Grafana Grafana
SonarQube SonarQube
New Relic New Relic
Maven Maven
Gradle Gradle
PagerDuty PagerDuty
Nginx Nginx
Happy Customers
Successfully Implemented Projects
DevOps Engineers

Team Certifications

Meet the team behind our success - view our team members' certifications and qualifications that demonstrate our expertise in our field

Why to choose Ant Tech

There is only one thing that matters for us - customer satisfaction.

Easy Intregration
Experience and best practices

Our team has significant work experience with various project types which proves our ability to handle unforeseen scenarios effectively.

Latest Technology
24/7 availability

We have a customer-oriented approach with a service team available at all hours of the day. You can get help and answers to questions as soon as they come up.

Cloud Service
Variety of DevOps tools

DevOps teams and experts at Ant Tech support a wide range of technologies. We provide the freedom to choose tools to design your cloud world.

Team Collaboration

We guarantee to deliver results with high quality within the minimum timeframe. We aim to meet customer expectations by responding to occurring challenges promptly.

User Permissions
Preventing Disaster

As our team gains an industry-wide point of view and is aware of many possible things that can go wrong, we try to eliminate all potential outages and disasters, aiming the production environment will run smoothly.

Unlimited Storage
Reduced IT costs

Our experts focus on the resources our clients use, analyze areas for optimization and monitoring IT costs and investigate new services that can affect cost-reduction and optimization of infrastructure usage.

Benefits of DevOps adoption

Companies that implement DevOps culture gain speed by accelerating the traditional pace, agility by continual enhancement, and more accomplishments by unifying the development and operations teams.

Technical Benefits

  • Continuous software delivery
  • Stable operating environments
  • Less complexity in configuration
  • Quick resolution of problems
  • Obtaining easy scalability
  • Business Benefits

  • Improved product quality
  • Reduced production costs
  • More time for innovation
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Market leadership
  • Cultural Benefits

  • Happier productive teams
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Professional achievements
  • Minimum communication barriers
  • Culture of trust and responsibility
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